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2016 is Done and dusted with but, looking back at the year and looking back at the book that made a difference to me I am writing this letter continuing my blog of the other books that I read and enjoyed.

“The High Mountains of Portugal “by Yann Martel was one such book that made me want to read this author after reading the blurb Three journeys.Three broken hearts . One question …

What’s life without stories ?

And the more the reasons I enjoyed reading the book was since it has been a year of asking ourself What life truly is ? And life is about Stories as stories are what connect us.

The moment you read what the book is about ,You want to give it a read.The book is written in three parts homeless,Homeward and home. And its interesting since its about three stories that has a common conclusion and very descriptive,describing every detail and making the reader imagine the setting as if he is there. The story is a little odd and not every reader will enjoy this.
The book blurb has one thought that makes you question -“Three journeys.Three broken hearts . One question …What’s life without stories”?

“The Color Purple” By Alice Walker . The “Color Purple “is a novel, made up of letters written by Celie to God and by Nettie to Celie. At the start of the novel, Celie is a fourteen-year-old, vulnerable, abused black girl who addresses her letters to “Dear God.”
The Book interested me since I had read a lot about it.And It does not fail to disappoint. The letter writing style used by the writer to write the book was something I enjoyed reading and staying interested till the end ,something that not every book can do.

Also at a time when letter writing is history,The book will only make you fall in love with the idea of why can’t we have letters written today?

On this note wish you all a very Happy New Year !!!  2017 here  is and There are still a lot I want to read,Learn from and experience about the different period of life and how The different parts of the world sitting in another corner of the world.If you have any suggestion on books that I must read or I might like please comment and let me know .




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