Secret Santa Gift !! 

My Secret Santa gift came with a Clause .After sharing my thoughts on what I wanted for Christmas,A secret Santa I guess read my Post and gifted me a Gift Voucher from a popular bookstore near by,And so I couldn’t wait for the next day (Tomorrow) to arrive and spend time at the bookstore,For which I only find reasons to go to and browse through the book collection.And the day had arrived and couldn’t wait for the clock needle to strike at 10:00 am,But to avoid showing any sign of excitement I Had kept myself busy until it was about 10:15 and thought now it would a good time.

As usual first I strolled around each section and scanned the book carefully,Until I felt none of these are really holding my attention to pull them from their shelfs and I went through my notes on book on my reading list, And started enquiring about the availability of some of the titles that I had wish to read from my list,To my disappointment none of them were currently available with the bookstore and the supplier.And don’t know until when , they will be available.

They offered me to go to their bookshop in the hotel around and browse through the books as they have a selected selection to choose from and I might just have a story worth reading.

But,No I did not find any that I would like reading immediately .

in a standalone bookstore “No means no “where as E-Commerce sites No can be a Yes too.

As,The Digital Generation gets used to convince bargains and a choice as per your selection.

It becomes a challenge to pay the Full Price for something same that’s would be Available for a bargain.Hence the Secret Santa’s gift came with a clause.

That I was totally afraid about and had specially mentioned too on my previous blog “Santa Wherever you are”

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