Women leaders of the world


The world is really becoming warmer and warmer due to the global warming taking place globally.And Yet, when we thought the WEST to be more liberal and more understanding towards gender equality,We the people were stunned and stumped to have dealt with the news of Donald Trump being elected as the 45th  president for United States of America.

But,Why is it Women leaders aren’t given the chance to prove themselves?And if they have ever got one opportunity why is it been only from their families? As if politics is like a family business.

The  Asian continent That includes India,Pakistan,Myanmar (Burma)Bangladesh just to name a few have had leaders like; 

Gandhi’s ruling  INDIA. Indra Gandhi one of the most successful Prime Minister from India.

Benazair Bhutto  Former Pakistan Prime Minister 1993- 1996 was the daughter of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto  the  9th Prime Minster for Pakistan Serving Term from 1973-1977.

Sheikh Hasina Current Prime Minister for Bangladesh too has a family member being involved with politics her father  Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the 2nd Prime Minister  for Bangladesh During the period of 1972-1975

Aung San Suu Kyi elected as Prime minister for Burma 199o and currently State Counsellor of Myanmar has had politics in her blood considered the father of  the nation of modern Day Myanmar brought Burma independence from British Rule.

The Point here isn’t about women leaders not given the opportunity to succeed,The question here is why are only women from political background only elected to do the job.Is it because of the understanding they must be having being in a political family?

Or is it People can relate to the family of their daughters and not mind taking the risk.

Also why do we have such few women leaders in the world? Is it because we find women incapable of doing the Job? The thought of being ordered by women ?

Coming back to being an indian and India.Why are we not making more women law for their safety? Do we fear the law being misused or we in the country aren’t really bothered about are citizens. 

Why do we forget Women help us grow our economy too.With being shopaholics and unnecessary spending money,They are helping the economy grow more than the ever.

  The Women’s Reservation Bill or The Constitution (108th Amendment) Bill, 2008, is a lapsed bill in the Parliament of India which proposed to amend the Constitution of India to reserve 33% of all seats in the Lower house of Parliament of India, the Lok Sabha, and in all state legislative assemblies for women.

following  are some of the statistics of % of members in the parliament globally and around India.Women have a poor 11% representation in India’s Lok Sabha and 10.6% in the Rajya SabhaThe global average of women in parliaments as of November 2013 stood at 21.3%, a slight increase over the numbers in the immediately preceding two years (20.3% and 19.5%). Nepal, ranked at 24, led the pack, followed by China (55) and Pakistan (66). 


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