Theatre is so much more powerful than movies,the medium has actors performing live to an audience with just the stage as the only space for performances,theatre has just the few lights and the core acting team performing a few characters each.Theatre becomes even more challenging for the performing artists to play ,the character with so much of disturbance around,The laughter and the movement the concentration becomes the only means of staying true to the character performed by the actors,the spontaneous action and reaction between characters  is more enjoyable in  the plays rather than movies.Writer Bloc 4 the 10 day long festival at Prithvi which started on the 1st April and Will concluded on the 10th  has made me look at theatre from a perspective that I haven’t really come across in the past while watching plays.The storytelling is simplified with actors  in-acting scenes without any hesitance in front of the audience.The lighting is the key part  in theatre since that would only help the audience  know whether its day or night sequence.The 2 plays that,I have watched so far since the festival have begun has also made  me realise the language doesn’t really matter the story and the Act by the Actors can help you understand and enjoy the play.

With just a week left,why not head to Prithvi to watch some interesting plays?,written by writers who want a platform to showcase their talent to people who love the theatre medium and encourage new talent on another platform of art which is dying a slow death .



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