Death-when It comes .

life-09Death is something that everybody who is born on earth has to go through it in life,But when someone dies fighting for our country we call him a martyr,some one who isn’t responsible for his death and dies untimely is called a victim,someone who dies for somebody is known to sacrifice his/her life.Someone who dies at 80-90 we says its old age ,Someone who dies very young 0-50 we says it wasn’t fair for their family or on them.All I mean to say is why do we give these tags of them being a hero,victim or sacrificing lives ?

These are the people who have chosen to be part of the life they have chosen ,or have accidentally become part of it and would only be addressed the way they live their life .

So why give that extra importance to things that matter very less,You know because we like to dramatise things and like to give it more importance than it normally deserves .

Being simple is boring and hence life and death is something we all just have given tags to.

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