Kapoor & Sons since 1921


Kapoor & Sons  Since 1921

Kapoor and sons the melodramatic movie by Dharma production released on the 18th March.

A typical dharma movie dramatising a simple idea by showing each character to the fullest.A predictable story as it starts from the two sons coming back home to be with their grandfather who is terribly sick and who’s only wish is to have a family photo with the title kapoor and sons since 1921 before he dies.

The movie is character driven , showing the relationship of two brothers.Their conflicts,their similarities and their jealous attitude in sibling of the same gender.

The story was dragged after the interval with not much to show and tell.Shakun Batra’s second flick after ek main aur ek tu.Had high expectations from a cast like Rishi kapoor,Alia Bhatt,Siddharth Malhotra and debutant Fawad Khan ,had all the hype . Rishi kapoors performance and theatre artist like Rajat Kapoor and Ratna pathak’s  chemistry and  expression were well timed.But as far as the juniors go they overacted mostly.

The 140 minutes could be sliced to 120 minutes by making it less about the family photo.

The relationship between the mothers and sons were flawless.

Kapoor and sons since 1921 is like the comeback of the  dharma productions after a long while .

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