Badlapur movie review !!!

Badlapur realeased today .Its about how after robbing a bank these two robbers get into the car and shoot the lady (yami gutam)
And when the husband (Varun Dhawan )gets the news he is all set to take the revenge of his wife and sons muder .and so the story begins .
The antagonist Nawaz zuddin has done a great job as usual with some light moments to laugh off .
The theme being centred around revenge and the plot being how his anger of his wife and kids death forces him to look for the killer .
The film quite predictable in the second half ,when you see the revenge being taken by the actor (Varun dhwan ) Raghu and the movie din’t seem long .the director sriram Raghavan who also made Johnny gaddar and the last one being agent Vinod has done a wonderful job of telling a story from which there is so much to learn and another important highlight if we repeat something again and again and say it convincingly ,there are probalitites it will be taken as the truth .
The background score was like an intense movie and since it not a regular masala movies there weren’t songs .The music as I read somewhere is a complete love manual and you think about it it is got the music of being in a depressed state of mind which the movie has focused .
The female actors(huma Qureshi )(Divya Dutt)(Radhika Apte ) just dint have much to do but the male actors were never out of the role the risk might must have just paid of for Varun Dhawan here .
The movie might be difficult to digest for Varun Dhawan fans ,movie buffs but it will pick up with the word of mouth .

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