Thank you!!!

It’s been a year already ,having written more than 75 post on politics technology ,experiences,trying my best on analysing movie .Its only given me a platform to know how good or bad I am in writing and how much more I need to improve myself .Its been a great first year,making me look at things from a view to entertain my followers who have followed me since I started blogging and also following when I posted topics on what they were interested in .Its been because of you all who have liked few of my post to keep looking forward and blogging on what I felt was worth sharing .
I thank you all for motivating me and letting me express myself ,though there have always been criticism on the style of writing ,or giving suggestion on how to make my article better ,I have tried to keep them in mind and continue writing post .
Thank you once again .
Also I would like to thank the group of drama workshop who pushed me to start blogging from this day and not wait for another moment.
Or else the blog akhilnanda would have never really come up .
Also I never really expected a follower too but today having more than 50 followers I feel at least I am a decent blogger .
Thanking you
Akhil Nanda

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