The million$arm

It’s a story about two baseball players who from India made it to the United States popular baseball team .
The film begins with two employee who are in trouble after their star clients does a deal with another agency and they are now looking what options they have and one of them while browsing on the television gets this idea of going to India and finding baseball players by doing a contest to get attention of the people and how they find these two Guys and the challenges and obstacle they face to learn the game and being part of a new country ,there culture ,language ,behaviour is a drastic change and how they over came the changes .
The director job as a storyteller was really good with few portions captured well
The background score was also too indie since it’s was about two Indians player .The background was with theme .also the movie wasn’t too long ,nor short the 120 minutes movies has really hooked you on without leaving you with a moment of boredom .
The performance of the actor were really good epically the two (Sooraj Sharma ) and (Madhur Mittal ) who were part of life of pi and slumdog millionaire with both done a Hollywood project each this seemed to be another one they bagged on the previous performances and this one too will give them more opportunity since they acted showing the changes from being from small villages from India to being well known Indians at every stage .not to forget the last few minutes of the movie when Amit is given an opportunity to go and be the coach for the player by JB
It’s that emotional feeling by the dialogues that creates the impact on the audience which is really satisfying .

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