a collectable !!!


 “there are so many moments people have given to remember 

this is the only one i can give people”-Akhil Nanda 

the telegram which would be history from tomorrow after 163 years ,it was the fastest means of communication for  birthday,death,or any news to share 30 years ago.

And today with the times changing from using the internet,mobiles,landline and the introduction of smartphones we dint even know specially today generation that a telegram still exist, its unbelievable that with the internet and mobiles phone it still managed to survive another 10 years , for us to at least get an idea that it did exist.

also today i was wondering to whom should i send this collectable item

and to my surprise ,there wasn’t anybody on my mind .

only because there are hardly any people who would value a telegram in today times .

it would be great to have a one for my lifetime.




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