North & South India Journey

Tamil Nadu, was on my travel diaries for a while Now! Or for that matter travelling around India other than Mumbai and 2022 has been a surprising year that’s been inclining towards spirituality naturally.

Varanasi, An offbeat destination to celebrate your birthday!

Yeah! Right! But being born in Nashik! And having celebrated my 25th in Amristar. This shouldn’t be a Shock!

The boat journey through the Ghats witnessing the Sunset & sunrise was very calming and beautiful.

Birding chirping, Bird feeding, boat sailings and a cool winter settled in two luxury properties that had their charm & Views.

A short trip of eating three days food menu in 1 and a half days was very upsetting and unsettling to the stomachs of all of us.


Another spiritual awakening city in the Himalayas was the travel we went ahead with from Amritsar after thinking over all the possible travel plans around.

A five Day Short trip was two days of travel and three days of sightseeing. The hills have characters that set them apart from the other regions. And sharp turns and small spiral roads keep your head spinning around.

The quietness, stillness and kindness of the people out there are humbling. And something that’s difficult to find in larger cities across the country.

The landscape is all different around one country that speaks so many different languages and showcases the culture of each region that the south Indian region was the most Conscious about plastic. Everything was either brown paper bag, Plastic was replaced with metal cans and one Ltr water bottles were replaced with five Ltr’s. The hills here were much more greener.

While we were trying the Momos in Dharamshala we were enjoying Dosa, Malabar parathas and dark chocolates & ice creams in the south region.


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