The Hospitality experience in India!

Yes, have been travelling around India lately.

Exploring the states of India. 

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh,  Punjab and Rajasthan we have been staying at many different hospitality group of hotels. 

While some we choose for the location, Some we choose for the service, some we choose for the view or some for the deal they  are offering. Rarely did we consider the food being one of the criteria when shortlisting the hotels. 

Taj group of hotels are the best located hotels around the country. They aren’t necessarily  very Guest service oriented though. 

The Marriott Bonvoy group of hotels have a range of hotels under their umbrella and give you the sense of luxury and at many times are value for money. 

The Oberoi Group of hotels… Nothing beats them. Their guest service are excellent. And they  know what  luxury experience mean. 

The staff is friendly and warm. 

ITC hotels… It’s one of the most underrated group of hotels but the food, Service and Guest experience makes it complete package hotels. But, it’s only their ITC hotel that offers true luxury and not the hotels that come under their Umbrella. 

Hyatt : This group hotel doesn’t really come on your mind of hotels. Not even in the top 3. But, the hotels are beautiful and spacious. 

The service is warm and though aren’t many in India..They should be consider when travelling north of India or Goa for a luxury experience. 

Brij hotels

Brijrama This was a new hotel we stayed at in Varanasi. It was a very heritage property that has been taken over by the Brij hotel group and have two hotels in Rajasthan and one in Raipur, One in Dalhousie to name a few. 

The hotel staff was very hospitable and friendly. The location was right at the ghats making it accessible through road & through the boats… 

All the experiences at the hotel have been first hand and not through people’s opinion or feedback. 

What have your experiences been? 

Which hotel group is your favourite and Why?

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