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Social media marketing/ Influencing:
It’s been a year since I have been very active on social media and more importantly one particular application the photo-sharing networking application. And in this one year, I have had a few questions which I don’t know how the brands, companies and organisations work. If you have an X number of followers and if the number of people you follow is More than the X number of followers you have. How are you more popular? And if another person has more followers than he follows and has more interesting content then how come isn’t worthy of you to share his content? Isn’t social media platforms used to share content that we think is not just informative but also interesting enough to be shared on a platform? Why would brands, organisations and companies only reshare celebrity posts? Celebrities make up less than 1% of your following. The rest who follow the brands, company and organisations relate to the product, service or enjoy the experience you give to the consumer, user and customer. Celebrities are the ones who mostly get paid to share positive reviews and make their posts insta worthy, but others use their creativity to express their love for the brand. But yet the brands do not acknowledge the efforts & time one invest in uploading and sharing photos.

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