A Year Made In India -Chocolates #1

The Indian Chocolate and coffee experience this year has been a good surprise especially when you don’t have the options of going out at all. 
Amul chocolates :
Dark chocolates, it wasn’t easy to find good dark chocolates as such in India. 
And when you have run out of your Lindt dark chocolate stock, And aren’t going to be travelling until things settle,  imports to aren’t coming by easily. You have to look out for options. And Amul dark chocolate was the only option I had in my city. Yes, I have had mason & Co and Fidler & Frank in the past. two of the finest dark chocolates I have eaten. But unfortunately, they aren’t available in my city, and I am a little hesitant to order them online. Amul chocolate became my saviour. It’s got the perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness. And if you haven’t tried it yet. 
You are underestimating one of the best Indian Brands that have flavours like Mocha, Orange, Hazelnut and single-origin flavours from Venezuela, Peru, India 
₹100 onwards for each bar of chocolate 
All Things Chocolate:  I am not sure! How many of you have even heard about this? These chocolates were divine! The combination and the feel of the packaging make you wonder are these truly from & Made in India, Jaipur These chocolates were so good! That we made a special visit to the Clove store in Mumbai to pick them up. 
₹180 onwards for each bar of chocolate 
La folie: One of my favourite cafe in Mumbai, Bandra and when you hear they also have chocolate you want to try the dark chocolate. But with jaggery replaced instead of white sugar, this chocolate wasn’t tasting like chocolate though… ₹250 for each bar of chocolate 
Soklet Chocolates:   Hadn’t known about this brand at all until I visited foodhall in Mumbai last year and discovered and tried it recently  The mint Nibs with dark chocolate and was slightly disappointed with the taste as it was more like honey after taste. ₹200 onwards for each bar of chocolates 
Dider & Frank:   If there is one of gourmet make in India Chocolate who’s whole range I have tried is this one right from the coffee, Orange and Mint chocolate all are very very good!! ₹300 for each bar of chocolate 
Mason & Co:  Bassed in Auroville, Tamil Nadu.A Chocolate that’s I first noticed at a cafe in Mumbai, The Pantry and a few later noticed it again Blue Tokai it was a few months later did I finally try the 70% Dark Chocolate and it was good! This was the first time I tried a gourmet Indian dark chocolate that has flavours like Mint in Dark Chocolate, Espresso dark chocolate and Coconut Dark Chocolate. ₹295 for each bar of chocolate. 
Fabelle: ITC ( Indian Tobacco Company) It is difficult to associate a Cigarette brand and hotel chain with Chocolates especially when you think of chocolate it’s always Cadbury. But, if you haven’t tried the range of Fabelle chocolates from ITC you certainly have missed trying out one of the most underrated chocolates that just melt in your mouth. There are chocolate bars as well tin gift boxes available from Fabelle. ₹450 for each bar of chocolate. 
Smoor Chocolate: A Cafe Brand from Bangalore that is known not only for their cafe but their chocolates too. I tried the cranberry Dark Chocolate and instantly loved the taste of the chocolate. Smoor since the last time I tried has a range of things to offers. Dark thins, Brittles and a whole new range of dark chocolate additions. 
₹300 onwards for each bar of chocolate. 

How many have you tried? And which one is your favourite?

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