Why we Sleep By Matthew Walkers. 

There have been times! When you have not just heard but have been told to sleep, Sleep and complete your eight hours of sleep! Without really knowing or understanding why should you sleep. Then a year’s later when you have grown up you find a book –Why we sleep? That answers your questions on the importance of sleep. This book interested me for two reasons one since I too like many don’t like to sleep much and unlike like many who sleep too much. 
The book highlights how changing your sleep cycle from just a couple of hours to a minimum of eight hours can make you healthier and keep all your levels ( Sugar, Blood, Weight) balanced and under control. 
I also remember visiting the Facebook office & The Google office a couple of years ago in California US and noticing sleeping Pods for the employees to Nap and be more creative. 
And can’t recall if the same as being implemented in India where most of the Indian’s are overworked and underpaid and if any of the organisation have sleeping Pods. 
While reading the book I also read another point where certain Ceos and owners abroad are giving incentives and bonus for people to sleep and not coming to office half asleep. the  
Even some of the Animals sleep a lot. 

*Lion & Tiger 15 Hrs a Day

*Brown Bat sleep 19 Hrs. Outperforming all Mammals 

And with this whole change with the pandemic, it has taught a lot of us to slow down and take it easy and we should focus on the importance of sleep. Just changing one thing we all as individuals can change our lifestyle. 

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