Hereafter nearly two years again! The last time I was here it was summer, And now it’s winter.

Nagpur is growing and expanding, so huge last time had seen one side of the town & this time another.

After nearly the whole day went by ,and we decided to go for dinner.The moment we turned towards our location, I broke into a whole new level of excitement as for once we were in the right direction and this is somewhere exactly I had come last time!

We were at Chill & Grill literally enjoying the chilling winter of Nagpur with my colleagues enjoying the hookah and we were enjoying some Indian food.

Even during the day just like in the night, we were lost in finding the place.

And With this time around having a few days in hand to explore the city – Visited a very interesting cafe seven corridor a very urban looking cafe in the by lanes of the city with college kids and adults enjoying coffee,Cakes and each other’s company.

This time in Nagpur,After nearly two years visited my friends parents and noticed a Macdonald has finally now opened in the city. Two Years ago I had tweeted- There was not a single macdonald to my surprise in a city that’s one of the smart cities to watch out for.

Nagpur also made me try quite a few places and sharing some of the places you must try or go to if you visit the city.

• Juhi’s Kitchen – Indian food Kebabs a must try.

• Plan B – If you ever plan to have Burgers or feel like having burgers.

• Pablo Cafe – The Pizza’s and the cafe looked really cool ! Haven’t visited though just ordered food from there.

• Bouffage – The Sandwhich here were yum !

• Della Italia – For Ice creams.

• Chill & Grill – For The ambience and Indian food.

Saoji’s a traditional dish that is served in Meat & Chicken too is a must must try here in Nagpur and last but not the least- Oranges here are the juicest.

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