Sandk ki Ankh – Movie Review

Ever since I had seen the trailer about a month ago. I was immediately interested in watching it. The Title being catchy and the two leads Taapsee  Pannu  & Bhumi Pednekar had transformed themselves into two grannies for the films set in a bagphat village, U.P  in India. Based on a true story Chandro Tomar & Prakashi Tomar who at the age of 60 become sharpshooters and inspired a whole new generation. They even inspired their daughters to become shooters.

The film is about them  going  to enrol their daughters for shooting as they believe this could help them secure a job, earn money and grow as people.  but they  end up becoming shooters themselves. 
 The film highlights how difficult it’s for the villagers to succeed especially women who aspire to do something for the children. The excuses they give to go for practice & tournaments.   The distance one travels and one goes through to live and achieve a dream. And this is because of the male chauvinist in the family.

 There are a lot of laughs too in the films making it totally entertaining to watch with a lot of inspiration. 

There are many scenes in the movies that are emotional and hard-hitting – one particular  dialogue I will rephrase here that Bhumi Pednekar  says when one asks how old are you.” We don’t mind saying our age. “But, 
“We don’t know exactly how many years a woman has lived for herself”  The dialogues hit you really hard “Bullseye”
There are scenes that capture how younger boys who underestimate the Dadi’s but in the end fall flat on their face and they ask for their  autographs – Which for them is their fingerprints that is imprinted on their T-shirts and the facial expressions and frustrations of men who were considered the best – But are defeated by the Dadi’s. 

Seema Tomar  who is Prakashi Tomar daughter is the  only Indian woman to win a  silver medal for shotgun in 2010 ISSF World cup & has  won two gold medals at the Asian shotgun championship in 2014.
The last scene when they all are celebrating the victory the real Dadi’s Chandro Tomar & Prakashi Tomar and their kids Shefali & Seema are introduced to the audience. 

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