One click one world !!

Have you ever wondered,If you didn’t  have the choice to browse through books from amazon,But instead you entered the world of “brick and morter “store of the amazon world and you suddenly feel lost once again not knowing,Where to begin your search from.The store also,gives you an insight to the world of amazon,Their entree into the Information world and how they plan to be tough in the competitive field.Coming back to the books,You just keep Wondering,How do I look for the book that I am searching for

The amazon website has made life so easy.

Just click on search ,the titles and you get what you were looking for.

Here  I am again,Wondering what genre does my book belong,How am I possibly going to find that one book,I am looking for? Without it even being in any of those list of popular books,Bestseller,authors to read or for that matter if you like this book from this author,you might like these.The store made me only feel,How technology has made us more impatient,When we all would be lost otherwise,in a bookstore.

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