Viceroy House-Movie Review!! 

“Viceroy House ” film on the British-Indian About the inside life of the viceroy’s House in 1947 during the Partition of India.The Plot revolves around the final Viceroy of India, Lord Mountbatten,who has to oversee the transition of British India after independence ,but meets with conflict as the two sides clash in the face of monumental change. Downstairs in the servants quarters, Mountbatten’s new manservant, Jeet falls in love for the daughter’s assistant, Alia and all manner of obstacles of caste are put in their way.

The film stars Huma Qureshi Popular Bollywood Actress, Manish Dayal Played hassan kadam a chef in 100 Foot Journey Hugh Boneville known for his role in Downtown abbey Robert Crawley and Earl of Grantham plays Lord Mountbatten and Gilian Anderson playing Lady Mountbatten popularly known as DR Bedelia Du Maurier in hannibal.

The film aesthetically in terms of the art direction,Costume is very authentic, takes you back in time 1940’s during the fight for independence.It also answers few of our question,Who was responsible for the partition. Was Nehru and Gandhi’s Ideology always different ?

A story based on true events, but not too dramatised. and Crisp. You cannot miss this one. 

Produced and written by Gurinder Chadha,Paul Mayeda Berges and Moira buffini Music by A.R Rahman Directed by Gurinder chadha.Paul Mayeda Berges has also written Bend it Like Beckham & Bride and Prejudice Both Directed by Gurinder Chadha .

Trivia He is also Gurinder Chadha’s husband.    

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