Mind It !!!

The last few days I have been having so many thoughts running in my mind and too many questions have been popping in mind. Who is an interesting person? How is a boring one ? How do we know one is smart or why do we think one is dumb ? Well, I don’t have the answers to these question.But,I think one comes to the conclusion of the thoughts as one might have similar interest same as the other one.One is considered a bore if he get into a lot of the details or is totally the opposite of the other.

There is some mystery around one that can make one interesting.where as one cannot be considered solely on his ability to score grades as being intelligent or Dumb.

The practicality of application of problem and coming with solutions to problem can be one way of considering one being intelligent or Dumb.Also intelligence cannot be quantified if two people have the same thoughts and third one has another opinion. 

Intelligent person have also be one of the crowd and not part of a majority.Everybody can be intelligent or Dumb in their area of expertise.

It’s such a highly dillusional thought of differentiating one being intelligent or Dumb.Or for that matter Interesting or Bore.A Bore can be interesting to another person and an interesting Person can be Bore to another one.

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