Travelling is something that makes you relate to places you have visited before, So on my recent vacation to Prague the moment I started exploring the city of Czech republic, I was reminded of Edinburgh in Scotland ,the particular setting of that place ,the statue near the Charles bridge,And the tram line towards the old town going through the architecture gave me the feeling of me being in Florence in Italy.To the extent ,the panoramic view of the city made me relate to Capri in Italy  from Petrîn hill , when I could endlessly only see red roof tops from the viewing point as compared to the White House of Capri.No,I am not boasting of being a globetrotter,But only getting you to notice how travelling to so many places has made me observe and believe,that Prague is a place having something like every European country.

The cathedrals name Being the same with only the beauty of the stained glasses around being  different.

The traditional food “goulash”  soup like curry with the option of beef,Pork and chicken and bread is popular cuisine here.That was something different since all over Europe there are only a few dishes that are wet.The “Tredlink” Pronouced Tredlin was another tasty sweet cone with sugar coated on the sides, And if you wanted to have some guilty pleasure you could add the Nutella and vanilla ice cream to go for the kill.

This trip to Prague has been one of those trips that makes you wonder Europe has everything alike,Yet is so different.

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