Mercedes Benz-Luxe Drive


Luxe Drive – A Concept by Mercedes Benz,To bring its existing clients and  future probable clients from around the city in India event Was started  last year touring around cities around india To experience Luxury at its best with Three important aspects that highlight the Brand.  Adrenaline.Gourmet.Design. Mercedes Continued  the concept this year too by starting the tour from Kolkata in March ,Moving to Vizag,Vijayawada,Chennai and bangalore in south and finally coming to Nashik  my home town this weekend,It was an amazing experience to experience the three most important elements the brand stands for Adrenaline.Gourmet.Design  

Adrenaline- Experience GLA,A Class and C class driven around by Racing professional through obstacles,features highlighting the off road capabilities of the Suv available with the brand and last,but not the least  got to experience the safety features of the cars with the brand by getting driven around by the professionals,By knowing exactly what ESP – Electronic  stability Program helps you, You  too drive around the GLA,A and C at the obstacles track and full your wish of experiencing a Mercedes. Have a look at the complete range of Mercedes at the event from the AMG’S to the most  recent launched SUV “GLC”.

Thats not all ,got to know about the complete functionality of “ILS”-Intelligent lighting system of the  car and how it helps us.

The Gourmet highlight is getting to feast on the most exclusive food taste  available for your palate with Ritu Dalmia curating some of her finest dishes for the crowd.

Design- A brand known to distinguish and craft a design with the essence of being true to luxury has partnered with  Gauri Khan to showcase her luxurious  furniture designs.

The Weekend had activities for kids too,to engage with the brand – “The kid zone” – PS4 Having the racing games for kids to drive around the Mercedes virtually without being left out to experience the car from the drivers seat just Yet. The Merchandise Store –   A store for the kids and Mercedes fans to,not loose hope if they can’t buy one  car right away,They can surely buy the favourite  model cars 1:1 ratio   from the brand,or buy the accessories .

The fitness Freak could also invest in Mercedes bike,since cycling is still a trend these days 

For the adults and kids both you can end your luxe drive weekend by trying your hand with Golf at a Golf Course set up at the venue.

Ending the weekend with true luxury and living a true Mercedes experience.  


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