Euro 2016 in Europe !!


The football season is in full swing in Europe,And what better than being on a vacation at this time in that part of the continent. On my recent exploration, which happened to coincide with the UEFA EURO 2016,France being the host .No,I wasn’t in France,But The Eastern European Circuit. Prague ,Vienna and Budapest   and on those dates  itself when each of these Host Countries were playing a competitive team.Football being The international  National Sport  of the European countries This experience of enjoying an Important  football tournament was the highlight of my trip. Watching the Portugal v Austria outside the station with locals enjoying their beers,cheering to support their country, while there was a minority of Portugal supporters out there,The Austrian went Oh! Ah! at every attempt of scoring a GOAL.Thats was just the beginning of the football action we were going to experience. The Next Stop Budapest (HUNGARY) And HUNGARY Plays Portugal,A match very important for the Portuguese.

This match,Was a match we did not want to miss experiencing.We headed to a Stadium,Capacity of 7,000 people and this full with its capacity,had a atmosphere of  if a Concert had been organised.  people jumped  to enter from the fenced Boundaries,climbing the gates.But as the match ended with a draw 3-3, the Hungarian  Shouted Slogans and flocked around the streets forcing the public transport to shutdown (The buses specially) and as we reached our hotel on the way we saw people climbing the signals,Jumping and having a gala time and Do you Know why?

Not because,they were at par with The Portuguese,But because it was history that was made that evening it took Hungarian’s  44 years to qualify to the next stage of the league.

This  experience is  off my Bucket list.

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