Illusion of time .

Time is equal for everybody ,these 24 hours each one of us has .For some these 24 hours move faster than we know for some ,time moves very slowly and for others this might be still but,still moving ahead .
But what is the difference amongst each one of us for us to believe that the time is moving the way it is for us ?
One reason is the thought that comprises our mood are we happy ?Sad ? Bored ? Restless ? 
Being happy makes us focus only on a few things .
Sad makes us focus on all the moments that made us feel the way we are feeling .
Bored because we are too exhausted to do something again and again but do not know what’s the new thing we should try .
Restless the energy we have in us but don’t know where to apply it .
The second Is not realising what time can do .
Managing time is an important element ,if you can’t manage time for the things you want to do ,have to do .
Then no matter what you will always have pending task to be done .
And wonder where has time flown away today ?
Time is something you give to things ,yourself and important things of life .
And yet you are confused what time can do ,it can change us as people for the better or worse .
Time is money ,yet is only thought about it this way during work time and not on regular basis .
Time will always be there ,but can you make use of it ?

It’s as simple as internet if we have this great tool for information ,chatting ,studies and while away time but if we don’t know what we want to do with the Internet it’s a waste .
Why use Internet when we only have assignments ,research work or exchange files documents .
If you use it properly you would be surprised what all you can do .
Just like time ,if you know what you want to do ,you will realise there is just 24 hours in a day which may be long ,short ,too little or too much time for you to achieve your Goal or realise what your goals and start working towards them.

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