Cafe Haqq Se -Food Review!! 

Cafe Haqq Se is the latest addition in Mumbai’s current favourite food paradise Kamla mills compound ,this is another restaurant that’s now following the trend of the Indian cuisine with a twist, or popularly known as progressive Indian food ,the interiors are very tastefully done ,The chairs are upholstered with colourful designs in the material used for rickshaw seats to create drama, there are also fancy red and black chairs at the centre stage for performances. The walls of the restaurant has been painted with intricate black and white work depicting the cultures of all the Indian states by Kanak Nanda, an upcoming artist. Thus making this a nice casual spacious sit down place with peppy music to let yourself unwind “Haqq Se “.The highlight of my visit would be the Butter chicken A la Kiev, which was a fried chicken roulette with the butter chicken gravy filling inside, served with pan naan, one of the Chef’s speciality.

This is a must try main course dish. The Indian desserts were also served with a twist- the white mouse rassgulla and the Gulaab jamun pie is a must try. And oh ! Wait last but not the least the Pan flavoured Jhujhups were refreshingly a different form of after mint.

The palate cleaner pops concepts !! For moving on to the next course of meals make this place taking pride of saying it Haqq Se that here is another trendsetter in the culinary competitive field set by them.

Haqq Se is a trendsetter in the culinary field, different from the rest and that’s what makes this cafe worth putting it on your bucket list.

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