Shoot experience !!!

Being part of a  shoot can be a fun thing to do, especially if you know most of them….. it’s better because the chances of you getting bored are slightly low .But again it can become boring if you have to be with the same people for a long period of time and when there is hardly any involvement of yours and with a schedule of last moment changes to a lazy approach and no time management at all ,can make you just wonder when will this ever finish ?

Have they lost interest ?

Are they forced to do this ?

And yes I understand the film industry works like this , But, here we are a group who have taken up this assignment to do something worthwhile and have given are time to it .But if that time is itself not being utilised to the fullest the delays will only cause frustrations and make us feel like how long can I be in that holiday mood ?

One day, two days but the third day we should put the same energy for things we are passionate about,which I guess was missing In this project where we all were students and giving our time to some fun ,some work on one location with 3 actors and 5 assistants and 4 camera men, the output could hardly be seen. 

And to conclude this experience I would just say yes, too many cooks just spoil the broth

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