Apps !!!

What is the need to be on every app that’s new ?
With apps coming every month ,and so many of them these days .people are going crazy by installing them and using them as a way of communication .
The people are the same using these app ,there would hardly being anybody who isn’t there on your social networking accounts ,we have reached a point in life where we need these new apps to remind people every now and then that yes we are here ,and that might just be the reason why we people have to be on all these social apps ,well it doesn’t really make sense ,it’s the same people ,the same thing you talking about and doing the same thing ,while some we are texting what we are doing ,while in some we are sending a picture and while some are using important headlines to get noticed .its just the same thing
So how long will we follow people on apps ,instead of meeting and calling them and being like the normal people we used to be .

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