Mami Film Fest 2019

“Movies, I enjoy watching and when you have one of the best film festival coming annual to the city of dreams and getting a selection of movies, the audiences would love to watch, then the only worst thing would be not to attend the annual JioMami Film Festival in Mumbai. I had watched about eleven moviesContinue reading “Mami Film Fest 2019”

Valerian -Personal Movie Review!! 

Valerian:The city of a thousand planet .A story adapted from the comic ,valerian and Laureline written by Pierre Christin.The movie directed by Luc Besson who’s last flick was “Lucy “another SCI-Fi story starring Scarlett Johnson was thrilling enough to wonder what’s next and then Valerian comes. Starring Cara Delevingne who was part of the suicideContinue reading “Valerian -Personal Movie Review!! “

Before &After!! 

A story being told over a period of 18 years which is spaced 9 years apart ,about a couple who meet in a train journey to Vienna and it’s an evening they have spent together and have being enjoying each other’s company until Sunrise,when it’s time for Jesse the protagonist played by Ethan Hawke andContinue reading “Before &After!! “