Before &After!! 

A story being told over a period of 18 years which is spaced 9 years apart ,about a couple who meet in a train journey to Vienna and it’s an evening they have spent together and have being enjoying each other’s company until Sunrise,when it’s time for Jesse the protagonist played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy playing the character of Celina.To leave back home after wandering over Europe over the weeks. As the time inches closer for him to depart they vow to meet each other again in 6 months at the same station where they first met.

9 years later 2004 before sunset Jesse is in Paris promoting his book inspired by his night in Vienna and Celine walks into the bookstore/Cafe waiting for him.And just a few hours before it’s time for him to fly back,They tour around Paris like tourist and catch up with what all  has happened in these years.

Another 9 years later 2013 before midnight and now they have been married together and have twins.Jesse had  got divorced from his 1st wife and in a way they are retrospecting their lives the 18 years since they have known each other.

A story by Richard linklater starring the same star cast.

A nice concept and idea for storytelling by the director who followed the concept for his next venture Boyhood,Where he filmed the complete star cast over a period of 12 years.

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