2019 Best Bollywood Films!

  1. Gully Boy 
A Journey and a story about a rapper from Dharavi who becomes one of the most well-known rappers from India.
Directed By Zoya Akthar one of the most unconventional directors in the country. With star cast like Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt and Siddhanth Chaturvedi. There couldn’t have been anyone to replace them. The Perfect entry from India for the Academy Awards too. 
Inspired and remade in India from the Spanish thriller, invisible Guest. , This move was done very well and very gripping to watch. Directed by Sujoy Ghosh one of the best Directors who is now known to produce and direct amazing thriller films like (Kahaani, Teen and the short film Ahalya ) 
Dream Girl is a story about a guy who can mimic a girl’s voice very well, Takes up a job at A call centre and soon has many of his loyal customers fall for him. All hell breaks loose When his father falls in love with the character “Pooja” a hilarious comedy that you will defiantly love. And Ayushman Khurana performance for the flick makes you wonder what next to expect from him? 
The Surgical Strike on Pakistan was represented in a flick that establishes “Vicky Kaushal” as a star. 
The movies famous slogan “How’s the Josh” became the most popular # & Slogan for the world cup and everything else that represents India! The movie told us if we stand united & want to do something for the county. We can easily achieve it. Also, it was a movie that makes you feel like a proud Indian and what all the Indian army men go through to keep India secure. 
5.Super 30 
A true story based on Anand Kumar from Bihar who aspires to study abroad after he has secured a scholarship from Cambridge on his discovery of a mathematical problem. But, Fails to do so because of financial restrictions. 
He is forced to sell things on the streets until one of the chairmen from a well-known institute offers him the job of teacher. The students enjoy his way of teaching and like attending his classes. One day he sees a boy who likes to study but can’t afford education in the institute so he then decides to teach the underprivileged students. But, This doesn’t go down well with the other institute that’s signed him up and they try their best to stop him from teaching the underprivileged. The movie is about how politics play a role in trying to ruin him. Where he gets threats even today and how he managed to have batches of 30 students every year successfully qualifying in the Examinations of IIT-JEE Entrance examinations.
The lead was played by Hrithik Roshan and the way he acted was great. The film directed by Vikas Bhal who you would recall made the sleeper hit “Queen” with Kangana Ranaut. The film is inspirations in every possible way and scenes like the importance of English, Application of all Their learning applied to tackle the goons. And the caste difference between the higher & lower class. All the issues are covered very well. This one is a must-watch. 
6. Article 15  
An article, a law that justifies that state shall not discriminate against any citizen on grounds only of race, religion, caste, sex and place of birth. And so the film was about a police officer who fights for caste-based discrimination and crimes in the rural part of India. A movie co-written by Gaurav Solanki & directed by Anubhav Sinha who has directed movies like tum bin, Dus, Mulk and now Article 15 proves he is the most trusted when coming to direct movies on social issues. Article 15 also places Ayushmann as the most dependable and veritable actor in Bollywood today. Article 15 showcases “Real” India and how we are ignorant of reality and justice.
An autobiographical movie by Nitesh Tiwari the director of “ Dangal” wrote & Directed Chicchore on his days spent at the engineering college. The movie was nicely shot when the phases of life are showcased. The film relives their days of college days when Anni’s son tries committing suicide as he doesn’t qualify for the examinations. Hence considers himself a failure – when he is critical, the father played by Sushant Singh Rajput tells him the story of his college days and how their gang was known as the losers. The movie has Varun Sharma who plays Sexa, Sharddha Kapoor who plays Maya is Sushant’s Singh’s wife Prateek Babbar playing a negative role. Tahir Bhasin, you might recall Mardaani where he plays a negative. plays Derek in chicchore. Mummy played by Tushar Pandey is a typical mummy’s boy hence the nickname “Mummy” Bevda” played by harsh Shukla are interesting characters that make the movie totally relatable in many ways. The movie, in the end, gives out the message to enjoy life and it doesn’t really matter if you pass or fail. What matters is doing your best every time. Nitesh Tiwari is on point yet again. 
8.Sandh ki Ankh 
Sandh ki Ankh – literally translates to hitting the bullseye. 
Ever since I had seen the trailer about a month ago. I was immediately interested in watching it. The Title being catchy and the two leads Taapsee Pannu & Bhumi Pednekar had transformed themselves into two grannies for the films.
The film is set in a big phat village, U.P in India. Based on a true story Chandro Tomar & Prakash Tomar who at the age of 60 became sharpshooters and inspired a whole new generation. They even inspired their daughters to become shooters.
The film is about how they go to enrol their daughters for shooting as they believe this could help them secure a job, earn money and grow as people. but they end up becoming shooters themselves initially
The film highlights how difficult it’s for the villagers to succeeded especially women who aspire to do something for the children. The excuses they give to go for practice & tournaments. The distance one travels and one goes through to live and achieve a dream. And this is because of the male chauvinist in the family.
There are a lot of laughs too in the films making it totally entertaining to watch with a lot of inspiration. 
There are many scenes in the movies that are emotional and hard-hitting – one particular dialogue I will rephrase here that Bhumi Pednekar when one asks how old are you. We don’t mind saying our age. But, 
“We don’t know exactly how many years a woman has lived for herself” The dialogues hit you really hard “Bullseye”
Some scenes capture how younger boys who underestimate the Dadi’s but in the end fall flat on their face and they then ask for autographs – Which for them is their fingerprints that are imprinted on their T-shirts and the facial expressions and frustrations of men who were considered the best – But are defeated by the Dadi’s. 
Seema Tomar Prakash Tomar played by taapsee Pannu’s daughter is the only Indian woman to win a silver medal for shotgun in the 2010 ISSF World cup & won two gold medals at the Asian shotgun championship in 2014.
In the last scene when they all are celebrating the victory the real Dadi’s Chandro Tomar & Prakash Tomar and their kids Shefali & Seema are introduced

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