Best Hollywood Films 2019!!

1. Joker

A One-man show that leaves you wow! Playing a character that was played by heath ledger in the dark night way back in 2009/2010 and then you have Joaquin Phoenix play the character again a decade later. And you just love the way he has acted. It’s a challenge to play a character – That’s battling depression And suffers from a pathological neurological disorder that makes him laugh uncontrollably. He is a standup comedian. But all in all, he might be imagining all this?

The movie was directed by Todd Philips who is known in Hollywood as the maker behind the popular “Hangover” and directed “A Star is born.” The joker played by Joaquin is a performance that will be remembered as he has transformed himself totally. You must have seen him in “Her” a movie about how the lead played by Joaquin falls in love with an artificial intelligence system.

The joker is inspired by Alan Moore & Brian Bolland’s 1988 Graphic novel “The killing joke”

If Joaquin wins the Best Actor in the 92nd Academy Awards. This would be the 2nd time one would be winning an award for the same character. Heath Ledger won the Best Actor for his role in Dark knight.

Joaquin lost 52 pounds to get into the character of joker.

2.Once upon a time in Hollywood

A story based in the 60s and early 70s and the premise being Hollywood in those time was something done very well. The Biggest of names were part of story Brad Pitt & Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead Al Pacino and Margot Robbie and last but not the least the director behind the film “Quentin Tarantino” Who made his 9th Film in his journey as a filmmaker. He is just going to make one more film as a filmmaker. The film was perfect with the lighting and establishing how Hollywood “LA” was in the 60s and early 70s the cowboy, The stud farms and the struggle of actors in Hollywood. In case you missed watching “Once upon a time in Hollywood” please watch it. It’s a slow movie and slightly long. But worth it.

3.End Game

Marvellous with all the characters that were part of the “Avengers” Series to the Black Panther & Spiderman too coming together for the last film in the Sci-fi, Superhero movie under the franchises of Marvel Directed by Russo brothers. Who is now coming up with a flick that’s, in no way related to superheroes, But has one of the superhero actors playing the lead? “ Tom Holland” will be seen in a thriller that will be directed by “ Russo Brothers”

But, End Game was a total Game changer – With A.R Rahman having an anthem part of the movie to having the movie release in #IndiaFirst. What a way to end the Game.


The opportunity to relive the genie story in the cinema was a great experience, The musical shot story had the story narrated in a very engrossing way and well The 3 wishes is what’s it is all about. Will Smith as the genie was very entertaining.

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