Glass Menagerie Play @Prithvi

The Glass Menagerie a play that’s has been in production for more than five years. For more than two years I have been trying to watch the show.And yes finally watched it on Thursday 30th August at Prithvi theatres. The story is about love & loneliness revealing the story of family members whose lives form a triangle of quiet desperation.

Amanda played by (Shernaz Patel popular theatre artist.) is the widow mother with two children one son Tom played by (Jim Sarbh)Have you watched Sanju recently ? He is Sanju’s friend who introduces him to drugs .and daughter Laura played by (Ira Dubey)

Since the play is set in the 1950s  Amanda the mother is all worried about her daughter  shy and crippled daughter Laura, , who is living in her glass menagerie and her memories. The mother narrates her gentleman callers stories where she would be so popular and get so many calls everyday before she got married.

In the same bellied she ask her  son Tom, a poet with a job in the docks,  to find her sister a husband and if there is anyone at the docks who he could introduce to her sister. but when the long awaited gentleman caller does arrive, Laura’s romantic illusions are crushed. The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams’ , is one of his most powerful and moving plays.

The play opened at the Prithvi Theatre festival in 2013 and has since toured around the country, been showcased at the Hindu Festival and has played in Kuwait and the UAE.

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