Tom Clancy’s-Jack Ryan prime play Premiere’s

Jack Ryan- Tom Clancy’s novel character is now a Series for Amazon Prime Video. The premiere screening at PVR on Thursday was a peek into what you can expect out of the show and from amazon prime play in the next couple of months.

Jack Ryan an CIA analyst-Who uncover’s a pattern in terrorist communication that forces him into challenging situations.

The 1st episode was impressive for a Web series.In terms of the quality of production, sound and editing.

The character is based on Tom Clancy’s Novel’s who was featured in 21 novel’s.Which were Patriot Games,Red Rabbit and Dead or Alice to name a few.

Krasinki’s(Jack Ryan) character is also inspired by Harrison Ford portrayal in patriot games  and, clear and present danger.

The whole screening set up was based on the theme of the show with a feeling  that you have already landed in the battlefield.

At the screening the Goodie bag included (Jack Ryan bottles & T-Shirt and the Badges )was a nice giveaway.

The 1st season will be on air on 31st August 2018 only on Prime play.

And you shouldn’t be surprised to know that the season 2 was already signed by the production house,months before the 1st season’s marketing started.

Jack Ryan might just be the show,that would be the game changer for amazon prime

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