Drifting in Tokyo!

“Everything passes. Nobody gets anything for keeps. And that’s how we’ve got to live”.

After travelling to most of the Metro cities in the World.London.Paris.NewYork.Sanfrancisco.HongKong and Now Tokyo.

Japan is the most intoxicating place for me. The Japanese culture fascinates me: the food, the dress, the manners and the traditions.It’s the travel experience that has moved me the most.”– Roman Coppola

Cities of Japan like Tokyo,Kyoto,Nara,Kōbe and Osaka all have different characteristics Tokyo is too big you can feel lost here! With population of 30 Million only in this city! It is the most Populated city in the world. 

Kyoto- Gives you a sense of living in a small town, being Very homely.

Nara – Just like we did it,a day trip to get away from the fast paced life and enjoy a day at our pace with Deer’s  and Nature  all around.

Kobe -Is the place you would like to spend around the Harborland having Coffee at Nishimura coffee shop (Kobe’s popular coffee shop chain) and authentic Kōbe beef for your meal. Kobe just like Osaka is a loop, A circle. You can explore the city in 24-48 Hours. 

Japan is America Mad.They love America so much they have named a street in Osaka on it.Amerikamura -That showcases American Fashion brands.

Kyoto & Osaka are very good for authentic Japanese cuisine They offer Cuisine from around the world also . And the food is simply Umami.

They understandings of English language is “skosh”,But that doesn’t stop them from helping you.

Japanese are the most Helpful & Friendliest people You would come across.If you are Lost or don’t know your way  to your destination,they will drop  you to the point first and walk back and continue their journey.

And if they themselves don’t know the way! They feel pity and helpless for you and wouldn’t mind asking people who know the Way.

Technically they are very sound,They have started using projectors for Directory for Directions.

The Wifi is still very spare,But with Rugby World Cup  coming up in 2019 & Olympic coming in 2020 they are making improvements in wireless internet connectivity.

There love for Packaging and simplifying things is so creative & Practical.That you would wonder how did they even think about it.

Just one Scare of a terror attack -And they Haven’t had Dustin’s on streets and yet are one the cleanest city in the world.

They have been the best in so many things and they know it.But,They don’t have the slightest of Ego. Daikan,Panasonic,Hitachi,Toshiba,Honda,Kawasaki,Lexus,Casio,Seikko,Yamaha music instruments,Gaming devices from Nintendo and Mario And all your camera’s Canon ,Fujifilm to name a few . And How could you forget the Whiskey that have become rare in the world.Hibki and Yamazaki have become so limited Even in Japan you couldn’t find. And when you do find it’s 50 ML and Limited to one per person.

Japanese,I guess are suffering from Karosh (A Japanese term that describes death by overwork)As they have to be competitive with the world and you find them taking Naps on the subways.And May be because they believe in kaizen or the Toyota  Way principle they are still one of the top countries.


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