Is this beach or a dumping ground for plastic?

Its one of the most famous beach of Mumbai ,and its in the suburb of Mumbai ,its also seen as a tourist attraction for many ,for the locals as well as visitor .Its also one of the places visited by most people on the weekend Sunday being the most crowded day.

Here celebraties,Dogs and people go for there morning or evening walks ,mostly the one’s who stay in the area .

But ,Now on my recent visit to the beach I felt I was walking in a plastic dump yard .

right from the entrance to the end of the beach there is only plastic everywhere , you don’t even know whether its the same beach where you would walk,Run,play cricket,volleyball,football or catch catch for that matter .Its highly disappointing to see a recreational site to be harmed with plastic all over .(see the image below)Imagethrough this post,I would like to create the awareness for difference its high time ,that we start caring for our environment and most importantly the beach because of the plastic its become unhygienic and with this the pets are falling ill .Also there are just one tractor cleaning the mess ,there should be just a few to keep tractor and helper who have the responsibility to keep the beach clean .

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