Parched – Movie Review!! 

A story set in a village, of Rajasthan a typical story of the rural India where the age-old traditions and Practices like child marriage,Dowry,Marital rape and mental abuse is practiced.

Starring Radhika Apte playing Lajjo,

Tannishtha Chatterjee playing the character of Rani,who’s son Gulab played by Riddhi Sen is married off to a child bride Janki played by Lehar khan.

The story continues with the struggle of these ladies as they are seen as ones who should be at home and cook food, and shouldn’t be allowed to read or work as it’s seen as a threat to the men.

But,they find the courage and are trying to change the way of living in rural India.

The movie directed by Leena Yadav,Produced by Ajay devgn is surely a movie to watch to know how india is still the same in rural areas,But the change is there in urban India.

The problems in a diverse country like India is far too many.And that’s why the curiosity remains of everyone to visit this country.

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