Into The Water-Book Review!


Julia it’s me.I need you to call me back. 

Please,Julia.It’s important…’

Now Nel  is dead.They say she jumped.

And Jules has been dragged back to the one place she hoped she had escaped for good,To care for the teenage girl her sister left behind. 

Into the water is a thriller written by Paula Hawkins,The Author of the bestselling book “The Girl on the Train” 

The style of writing  in this book is similar to the one she first wrote,Giving us an insight to the characters by having characters speaking about their thoughts,Views and action Individually.There are more characters introduced in the beginning itself this time,Making it slightly difficult to follow who it might be the muderer.  

Book is  written in four parts each part ending with the question what happens. And you just cannot keep the book down and want to continue reading.

A good thriller but not as good as the first one “The Girl On The Train”

The thing with reading thriller is you could guess who might be the killer.But as you read along it becomes difficult to register all the information and makes it interesting to read.Where as watching thriller your mind cannot stop analysing what might happen next.And occasionally you guess the suspense even before the story concludes.


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