Hindi Medium -Movie Review!! 

Hindi Medium,A topic that represents Indian general population in a big way. The 29 states , cities and village all speak our national language and their state languages But,Still metro cities and specifically our national capital is more concerned if we cannot speak in the English Language.

A story that was well written and made,Narrating to what extent will parents go to get the Best for their child.

Top Educational institutes have made education a business.

A few highlights of the movie were how little do we bother if a foreigner cannot speak English the correct way.

But,we are ever ready to insult our citizens,If they make minor mistakes.The poor do not get the opportunity to showcase their talent and the newly rich too might have the swanky cars and huge houses but not the class.

But, If given the opportunity to have their kid being educated they too would do to be at par with the others.

But the competitiveness is driving people to take extreme routes.

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