week In Paris !!!

Paris the first three days Have really being a mix of emotions from being disappointed after seeing the louvre and effiletower in terms of the structure .The Louis Vuitton store in singapore seems a better bet .And as far as the effiletower is considered it’s a disappointment in terms of being  nominated as a wonder of the world ,there are many other beautiful sites in the world which are better .The champ élysées when compared to the other streets the fifth avenue in NYC ,orchid street in singapore or Oxford street in London .The champ elysee is beautiful with trees around making it feel good to walk around ,the macarons at Laudree were really amazing not too sweet .The walk around have been less tiring then ever ,the first 3 days have ended making us taking the next journey to Brussels for a day .The last 3 days in Paris ,were covered on foot again ,going through the famous sites of effiletower & louvre ,Notre dame ,the cathedrals The Sunday was one of the most restless days Everything all the shopping places were shut ,why ??? Taxi ride to the only store opened ,and a few interesting things bought ,Monday is here the day to shop and yes we shopped at the home stores ,walked it all the way to and from the hotel to the shopping malls and then enjoyed the Night drive and view from the effiletower  ,imagine if we wouldn’t have seen this ,it would have surely been the worst crime committed on this holiday .Tuesday the last morning in Paris and packing and leaving walking around for a taxi and finally get one at 9:20 and traffic ,10:00 and we might miss the train for Zurich it’s 10:12 and here we are for our train at 10:20 ,we have boarded the train … 

Day 7 begins now …

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