The Swiss week , a week full of Swiss chocolates ,traveling by the Swiss railways to the cities and train hopping all over ,with some great views ,natural beauty ,and small by lanes up hill and down hill,the connectivity of trams in the cities too were smooth and hassle free ,the week ended with the weather going high to 30 degree in our last spot and welcoming us in India with  40degree .

Travel Tips:
Switzerland ,Lucerne travel  brochure has a page where if you cut it and take it to the buchmann chocolate shop  to get a bag of FREE LIN\DT MINI chocolates .
Another point to remember if you have been shopping around in the (EU)European union cities go to the global blue tax free centre in the local galleria arcade since Switzerland isn’t part of the (EU) and you won’t get the tax refund there for your shopping in the European union cities ,Last but not the least if you want to grab lindt hot chocolate you can get that at the zurich airport . 
Day 4,Brussels day trip was from the eye of the local .From getting to eat at the best hot chocolate place to getting treated for the best Belgian chocolates and enjoying waffles and fries and last but not the least getting to see the tourist attraction with the history behind it .The central Brussels were covered on Foot ,the 9 hours there in Brussels we covered most of it.

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