Choices or Destiny is in your hands .

Basic CMYK

Choices determine human destiny not chances -A completely true statement for few ,while a debatable statement for others .Choices determine human destiny since we as human have had choices to choose. from choosing the partner we would like to spend our life with ,to what we want to make of are lives .While chances are just a few for life to make are destiny since things might fall in place for some people who have never had a plan of their life while for other it’s always about the choices they choose for their results .Its only when we see ourself falling   from our dreams do we blame are choices for our destiny .Also choices do not always have to be manipulative they can just be what your heart tells you to do at that moment that will 99% always be right and just a 1% wrong if you would have gone the other way .just like what Steve jobs said

Your time is limited .So don’t waste it living someone else life.have the courage to follow your heart and intuition they already know what you truly want to become everything else is secondary .
Be the tiger and fight for your mate .
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