The word “denim” comes from the name of a fabric that was first made in the city of Nimes , France , by the André family. It was originally called serge de Nîmes but the name was soon shortened to “denim.”

Denim has been used in the United States since the late 18th century.Denim was traditionally coloured blue with indigo dye  to make blue jeans , although “jean” formerly denoted a different, lighter, cotton fabric. The contemporary use of the word “jean” comes from the French word for Genoa,Italy(Gênes), where the first denim trousers were made.had just been observing these days ,the popularity for denims have fallen down,with coloured pants being the new rage against youngster and adults ,Even the USA which have had the denims since the late 18th century too has seen a decline in denim jeans worn  ,so how long is this trend going to really last ? are denims become a thing of the past . And also the denims known for the blue   indigo dye to  ,had a phase too were people had gone crazy ,just the way they are going for coloured pants to own one of them .Or  have denims become a classic piece of bottom wear ,which will be used for formal events ,if we are using coloured pants informally ,its not just pants that are worn but also sporty-wear track pants that have become the new style statement with so many design,stretch fabric available or  the recent trends that have being growing around the globe steadily where  people have started to spend more on dining ,fine food and trying out cuisine,travel  rather than spending more on shopping of clothes responsible for this ?


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