Apple -isn’t different any more ?

I am Akhil nanda ,I recently bought an iPhone 5s (silver) on 15th February 2014 ,India ,Maharashtra Nashik .and just recently about 10 days ago my phone charger had to be moved to charge my phone ,and just a week ago it don’t even charge ,so then I had gone to maple service centres (Mumbai ) and then what they told me was shocking that my USB cable is fake duplicate .how is it possible to get a fake USB .and mind you this was a sealed box.
It was then on my visit to Nashik I went to the dealer and he told me I try again with nayassa Nashik service centre .then and there I spoke to apple representative on theroll free no .and he told me to go back to the dealer I bought from it’s been nearly a week since I have got a feedback ,is this the way you give your customer service .also I have been using apple products since a long time ,I have a mac ,iPad ,and iPhone but haven’t had any issue like this before .
Hoping to hear from you soon .
Thanking you
Akhil Nanda

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