London Trip!!!

The London was the most awaited Trip ,there Is surely something about London that drives you crazy ,but the transport connectivity of the buses,trains and the tube drove me crazy since It Is  planned so well that you can just find your way back home ,the only city that came to my mind after seeing there transport facilities was Mumbai since the Mumbai Local “Lifeline of  Mumbai where millions travel by every day .Only If the population could be controlled a bit the railways services could be enjoyed a bit more and if the roads could be better the buses could be enjoyed too .

And the second thing the weather its humidity just kills .

back to London ,the places in London too reminded me about one of my favourite games  during my childhood days and is still my favourite the monopoly that had mayfair ,park lane ,piccadilly circus to name just a few ,every time I  went to any place I would well remember the colour of  the cards .

London are known for the “Gora”whites but you could hardly see any there were mostly blacks for a moment I got confused whether I am in the UK or in a caribbean Island , no I am not being racist here but I am just speaking about an interesting observation .

Also There were hardly any places for the fish & Chips , only Pizza the Italian cuisine has taken over with so many Italian Restaurants.

Overall the Trip was amazing !!! Hope to visit Again soon .


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