IPL Spot-fixing

sreesanthIPL season 6

the game of  cricket had changed six years ago  completely when the IPL -Indian Primer League was introduced to the fans of cricket with twenty overs to played by each side,more then 8 teams in the league,and play themselves twice once @ home , once away ,it will go on for month and half 45 days and more then 70 games played a season .

Now what this gamed had done was  given an direct opportunity to the young/new talents to play themselves with there icons and with international players this was the best thing to happen in the game to get to face these international experienced players @ an early age .But there were the few player who were not bought for enough @ the auction or the money they actually expected.so what happens when you don’t get what you expected ,you would either work hard ,focus on your weakness and strength or for satisfaction cheat ,so these players cheated their  team for their  own satisfaction is this team work? what are sports  for? aren’t sports for  better team efforts,better understanding of your role in a team.
lets continue we have a player quite well known for his behaviour as a public figure and just a few days a ago he clarified on his previous incidents.I know we aren’t talking exactly about his behaviour we are speaking about the game  which has become a global sport not only popular in the cricket playing nations but non-cricket nations,
there is so much money in the game for all for companies to introduce the products/services ,for celebrities to promote their campaigns,movies .
and suddenly out of no where a news breaks in 3 player caught for spot fixing ,from the same team rajasthan who had won the inaugural season even after been labelled as the underdog now after five  years what was the need for a player who played for the national team ,to get tempted for a spot to be fixed , the other you can understand but again ,why are we getting bribed don’t you people value yourself, the games .
This was surely happening all these years too,also its disappointing to see players running after money so much that their  sports,their game and their life is for sale .
And this game and this format has lost so many fans ,a few die hard fans. But has more followers for the drama that has been going on for the last five years


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