Apple a day ..
Apple a day ..

Just heard BBM coming in the iOS,and android .

it seems Blackberry has failed and because they know it just a way of giving their user a farewell by  saving the name & image .
Blackberry would now simply cause consumer confusion to choose an Apple or Blackberry 
or for a few having both one in each pocket 
the only drawback now before you erupt with joy …or not 
is letting the two firms to give permission to let the berries be downloaded @ home.offices or streets 
but the Big question remains should the two companies buy this offer from blackberry ?
Blackberry who has been in business in telecommunication for more than 12years ,
they introduced the BBM to the business world when they got the idea ,the business people used it for communication with there social circle long before the social networking sites 
its then after 7 -8 years we have the revoltuniary iPhone iPod &Mobile with camera,music,apps was introduced to the world there wasn’t any fixed target audience … it was just the begning of having the sleekest designs,Touch mobiles and one of the best if not the best phone ,having everything from good music volume,good picture and the best touch in the mobiles category 
so yes, they had introduced the App Store ,iTunes ,iMessage a service for free messaging on iOS devices 
it then soon when the blackberry was introduced to the youth between  15-20 and  the sales were jumping and soaring high was suddenly the people who used it as a business smartphone with email,web browsers had now seing this as a socialising phone for the teen kids and now we hear … the iOS & google will have the BBM ..
has the BB lost the battle with apple the one which is not even very old in business
finally,Blackberry USP would now be a click away …and people would be so relived as the pressure, the stress of owing two mobiles ,as they couldn’t make up their mind which fruit taste better …in the end the customer has won themselves a treat to have two interfaces in one..Now its upto the biggies what decision they make 
nobody would deny such a offer .When specially they coming knocking on your doors. 

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