a personal short review on yeh jawani hai deewani -movie

the time is now
the time is now

Yeh Jawani hai deewani!!!

the most awaited movie of the season .specially after the high drama by our cricketers ,cricket board this movie comes out with all the hype around this movie the audience couldn’t wait .
finally you would see yourself in  the movie with the 4 characters in a few portion 
the story about friendship.love you can see it all and somewhere down feel it to 
the first half is enjoyable with good music ,songs ,the second half dint have enough to show the audience and hence somewhere down it becomes a little slow .The activities are all those which people like adventure ,thrills 
and the group holiday with friends to a destination .Ranbir (Bunny) expression while dancing and acting are quite impressive .
the background music  was giving the feel as if  you are part of the events in the movie .
the songs popular over the time of promotion helps you to really enjoy the movie and say 
Yeh Jawani Hai deewani!!
this is ayan mukerjei 2nd  movie after Wake up Sid and doesn’t really disappoint you after having great music in “wake up Sid and another relatable story.
hoping this review helps you guys to either really go and watch the movie Now or anytime soon with you friends,family and loved ones


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