The Exams

Exam is  5 letter word & so is Death

“Failure are for fearless”

The  month  when the examination are still going on. The time is  going slow but fast too .this means when  we have to study for the paper the time goes  slow but when the day of the paper comes that duration of paper goes so fast it just about those 90 minutes  that we have to study for a year.The  same thing again & again & again during the study leave . this is so  irritating to do the same thing thrice for the same subject  for a time of 1 month. How do people manage to survive if they are only allowed to sit @ home & eat  to become a ballon. But also @ the same time people who are allowed to move  around the break .don’t they get fed up of there friends being all around. doesn’t  there mind get diverted , but @ the same time they feel less stress as they are doing all there Activites in those 24 hours watching movies,watching IPL,chatting with friends online on social network sites and playing indoor & outdoor games .so imagine a year only of examination wouldn’t it boring people could not lead there normal life becoming too lazy sitting on the couch in front of your laptop ,t.v and these days the smartphones and would not know what is happening around them . IS this what we would be seeing in the coming years where people wouldn’t be aware of what is happening and loose interest in very thing from reading magazines to doing there hobbies and there parents cooking them to study to be in the rat race. If people race all the time they would only manufacture idiots not produce smart  people.That is why we Indians in the film industry only copy ideas from the English films .but if we use are own ideas we can be ahead and also if we take more interest in are work  we can be @ par. Recently an article during the oscar nomination had comparison of india being in the 1970  now when the Hollywood is now reached the global  With  the technology  being used to the fulliest there in international but not in india. This difference can be a cause of worry for the development as we have the population,We have the money then why aren’t we not using the money properly.cause  we have idiots controlling the country and other taking the short cut of being with the idiots.

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