is MSD being too gready?

the captain cool
the captain cool

The most successful captain of the indian cricket team Dhoni under whom we Indians won the 1st T20 CWC ,2011 CWC after nearly 30 years .AND we became the no.1 in test & ODI .THE IPL tournament was won twice in row by this man’s team in 2010&2011 he is also know as game changer & a lucky captain .these were just a few achievements achieved by him so far. well no we hear this young “captain cool”would like to see how his fortune works @ the BOLLYWOOD BOX OFFICE.Time will tell wether this guy is got something else on his mind ! we will have to wait for the big series & tournaments that begin from mid Dec & see wether his performance is improving or he is taking the game too lightly & feel his terms would be followed as a captain.

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