Why has it, Vegan that’s caught the worlds eye & why hasn’t Jainism caught the worlds eye?

We have a retail supermarket, and for the last two years since lockdown, I have been spending a lot of time here, observing the sudden demand for a few ingredients, and the sudden shift to veganism in this city. Thanks to the Internet and rising interest in home cooking and home chefs there has been more awareness and experiments happening in people’s kitchen that has seen the sudden movements of ingredients for Mexican, Thai and Italian cooking. And I guess the growing interest and marketing of Vegan around the world has forced people to try the diet out, if not getting transitioned completely. But, where does that leave Jainism? A community that does not eat potatoes, Onion and garlic being three of the main ingredients that Jain does not eat. They are pretty high in numbers In India, but I guess they aren’t high enough for marketers to take notice and introduce products for the Jain market that’s just not In India but are they out globally to be catered to.

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